Brian Ossip
Video Professional


A video I edited using Adobe Premiere CC for the 2015 NHL Playoffs. This was the blowoff video that played right before the puck dropped at the start of the game.
Alex Ovechkin takes a young girl with Down Syndrome on the date of a lifetime. This segment, part one of two, aired nationally on NHL Network. I was editor for this piece.
An "Animal House" spoof video I edited for VaynerMedia.
A video I edited for VaynerMedia that was posted on Stella Artois' Facebook page, with over 200,000 views.

A video I edited while freelancing at VaynerMedia for Quaker Oats. This video was posted on the official Quaker Oats Facebook page as an instruction on how to make yogurt-filled oat cups.

A few players on the Wizards played FIFA soccer on Xbox on the Verizon Center big screen. We were there to capture the fun. I was editor on this project. We used five cameras, each with roughly two hours of footage. This video was turned around and finished in about a day and a half.
A segment that I edited for the Emmy-Award winning show Caps Red Line. CRL airs on, nationally on the NHL Network, and on the local DMV-area Comcast SportsNet station.

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